Wednesday, October 29, 2008

The Yes on Prop 8 Mice Have Been Here!

The Yes on Prop 8 people came in the night this week! They came quietly, and without ringing the doorbell or knocking, sneaked away, leaving an orange flier filled with bold underlined warnings. The warnings had to be there of course, because apparently the conservative viewpoint can't be sold without a heaping serving of fear. According to this flier, we've all been robbed of our constitutional rights by those low-down dirty scoundrels known as the "liberal activists and judges". So this made me curious. What does California's constitution say about marriage? It says that "no contract of marriage, if otherwise duly made, shall be invalidated for want of conformity to the requirements of any religious sect." Nowhere does it specify the gender of the individuals that may be married.

So who are these folks that introduced Proposition 22 to the ballot and that are in favor of Proposition 8? My new friend, the bright orange flier tells me that the "California Family Council participated with the coalition" to place Proposition 22 on the ballot. The mission of the California Family Council is, according to their website "to protect and foster Judeo-Christian principles in California’s laws, for the benefit of its families". So in effect, what the California Family Council is asking us to do by voting for Proposition 8, is to invalidate gay marriage because it does not conform to Judeo-Christian principals. Now who's trying to rob you of your constitutional rights? Please vote no on Proposition 8.


Joanna said...

Great post! And I am glad that the No on Prop 8 people are getting the word out there that it is not about gay marriage, but about taking away people's rights.

Anonymous said...

YES!! A great blog ! Religious fanatics and fundamentalists aren't confined to the Middle East. Too bad Christianity can't be more Christ like. Who came up with the suggestion that gay marriage, or any marriage, would be taught in the schools? What does that mean anyway?

Joanna said...

Just read your twitter about another Yes on 8 flier - I was thinking how enjoyable it would be if we could make signs that said something like "Your fliers aren't going to make me change my mind about voting NO on 8 - please save a tree and stop leaving these on my doorstep"