Wednesday, October 29, 2008

The Rachel Maddow Football Analogy

I have to give a big thank you to my mother for telling me repeatedly to "watch Rachel Maddow, she's great". I started watching TRMS a couple of weeks ago on that recommendation and couldn't agree more. The following clip does an amazing job of demonstrating just how great Rachel Maddow is. Not only did she brilliantly explain the whole concept of battleground states, but she almost made me understand and appreciate football. Way to go Rachel.

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Steve said...

Go Rache! I love it.

Here's an interesting (and near meaningless aside): Ever since I was a kid, I've pretended to play quarterback by yelling out a faux audible play call as I stand at the center, waiting for the ball to be hiked. That audible, for whatever reason, has ALWAYS been: "Blue-42!! Red-47!!" And occasionally I add a Green-13, but usually it's just the first two. Well, in these politically charged times and given my party affiliation, I feel I need to revise it to: "Blue-42!! Red-27!!"

Go O-bama! We're looking forward to a strong O-ffensive push here during the waning moments of the game. Paydirt is right around the corner.