Thursday, November 30, 2006

Round Table: How'd You Like to Hold 'Til HELL FREEZES OVER!!

What better forum than my blog to pass on to the world how Round Table Pizza on Branham Avenue in San Jose treats their customers? Tonight I was stuck on hold with Christmas music blaring in my ear for 13 solid minutes. Finally I hung up and called back. Here's what happend:
Phone:Ring, ring
Round Table Employee: Welcometoroundtablepizzacanyouhold(Click)
Phone: Slam!
Me: Crap. I'm never ordering from that place again.

Will you?

Wednesday, November 29, 2006

The Old Grovel and Shiver Trick

We have a sweet dog. He's very nice, but as I have mentioned before, he's not the sharpest tack in the bulletin board. He can't be trusted in the house for long periods of time because he has never learned to scratch at the door when he has to pee. When I work at home, he normally stays in all day, and I have to periodically remember to remind him to go out and pee. He is, on occasion, very brilliant.

Today, for example. I left the house at 6:30 am, and Steve got the boys off to school, putting the dog out for the day as he was leaving. Strangly enough, however, when I got home, the dog was in. I immediately put him out, thinking his bladder must be stretched to bursting point, then headed off to empty out my own. I intended to call Steve once I had a chance to gather a few items from my car, so I could ask him how the dog happened to be in. We're having a cold snap, but Bo has a dog house outside. Besides, we JUST had the carpets cleaned. Walking past the sliding glass door, I happed to catch site of this miserable, shivering creature:

Then it all became clear. Bertha, my cleaning lady, had been at the house earlier, and seeing the pathetic display above, let the poor worthless creature in. Sucker! I'd think he was seriously freezing, if I hadn't seen him do the same shiver in 95 degree weather. As I said, moments of brilliance!