Tuesday, May 27, 2008

How to Fill the Summer Void?

Summer is once again upon me, and I have no plans for my kids. We are taking a few quick trips; three nights at San Jose Family Camp, and a trip down to San Diego to visit my family. Other than that, ten weeks of inkless days on my calendar stretch out ahead of us, waiting to be filled. The challenge of course is to balance my work days, limit the amount of time the boys spend at the computer, not spend too much money, and find ways to be entertained. The thought of spending the summer this way fills my head with a dull buzzy feeling, much like a fly caught in a glass jar. There is this crazy part of me that wants to seize this opportunity and just take off somewhere. Projects are wrapping up at Steve's work leaving him with more flexibility to take time off, I have little to no sense of commitment to or from my employers, and the boys are free and clear until August. This may not happen again for years. How do we best take advantage of this rare freedom though? With two dogs and a cat, we aren't exactly unencumbered. Maybe this is why people do the unthinkable, and rent a mobile home. The thought of the four of us cooped up in a rolling home with two dogs and a cat, paying $4 a gallon for gas turns that lazy fly into an angry wasp. Maybe I'll just invest in a summer membership to Great America!