Friday, October 17, 2008

My Son is Being Shielded From the Press

The other night I was bugging Weston for information about his love life. I got nothing. He has adopted a strict policy of not sharing any details about the opposite sex. Here is the conversation that took place in our kitchen:

Me: Weston, got any big plans this weekend? A hot date perhaps?

Weston: (shrug)

Me (to Steve): Weston won't tell me anything about his love life. I tried to get information out of him the other day and he wouldn't tell me a thing. Did you tell your mom about your love life when you were younger?

Steve: No. I didn't tell my mom anything.

Me: What about your dad? Did you share the details of your love life with your dad?

Steve (with somewhat forced enthusiasm and sincerity): Oh yes, of course! I told my dad EVERYTHING that was going on in my love life.

Weston (laughing): Nice try Dad. Very funny, but it won't work.

At that point all three of us dissolved into laughter.


Anonymous said...

Priceless ! What a great move, Steve! No flies on you, Weston.

Steve said...

It was definitely worth a try, and to see Weston field that one as deftly as he did indicates we've raised a quick and independent thinker.