Sunday, October 05, 2008


Luke and Bo, like most dogs, are beggars. When we sit down to eat, both of the dogs show up to sit expectantly and not always patiently waiting for an accidental crumb or generous handout to come their way.

Bo's style of begging is typically a bit more aggressive than Luke's. He places his nose on the thigh of the eater, occasionally adjusting its position to ensure that its presence has not been overlooked. This method has become more difficult to employ since we purchase counter height chairs, so he has added assertive panting, which steams up the thigh, to his repertoire.

Luke, on the other hand sits quietly staring at the glutton, while a slimy stalactite of drool forms on his jowls. This string of drool can sometimes grow to a remarkable length, which is alarming because when Luke turns his head suddenly the slobber can be ripped from its moorings and be deposited on the foot or leg of the meal-eater. Today, as Steve and I enjoyed some tortilla chips and fresh salsa, a new and frightful drool configuration emerged; The Bubble. Observe:

It eventually popped and conformed to the more traditional drool configuration, but as always, when the strange or horrifying rears its ugly head, I am ready with my trusty iPhone camera.

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Anonymous said...

I’m reminded of the oversized English setter, most originally yclept Spot, who inhabited my British-style boarding school. Even sans the stimulus of watching the students at table, he maintained two loathsome trails of drool which could reach six inches before abcission. Predictably, he was styled Snot by the boys.

Excitement would reach a peak when Snot attended Sunday services, held in the school living room. British students, as part of our preparation to be leaders of men in the far-flung Empire, were required to maintain sang froid under even the most trying circumstances. That meant not snickering or smirking while Spot abused himself in the center of the hall as the minister preached, and not cringing or withdrawing bare legs (we wore shorts during the spring and fall terms) as the swinging slobber came close while Spot padded between the rows of seats. Relief came only when the headmaster judged it the appropriate moment to seize Spot by the scruff and to conduct him outside the building.