Monday, October 20, 2008

Mmmmmmmonkey Farts!

Please excuse a very short post today as I was up half the night with a stomach bug. In the interest of meeting my NaBloPoMo goal of posting every day for the month of October, I have dragged myself out of bed feeling like death warmed over on a piece of soggy toast. Fortunately yesterday's trip to October Fest in downtown Campbell with my girlfriends yesterday (you know who you are!) provided the necessary material. While strolling through the booths with everything from cute purses to beer, we came across a vendor selling aroma salts. They came in all sorts of nice-smelling scents, but the one that really caught our eye was monkey farts.
I'm guessing the reason they call it monkey farts is that the ingredients are all things a monkey would like to eat, thus rendering its farts sweet in the manner of coconut, orange, and banana.
As far as marketing tactics, I'm not sure this would have struck me as a good choice had all four of us not walked straight to the monkey farts and smelled them. And face it, farts.... are funny.

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Anonymous said...

So sorry to hear you're suffering from "ill health." That's what happens when there's too much partying with hockey moms?? Now when it comes to "farts", the only time I think that word is funny is when it's used to describe children. As an advertsing mechanism it stinks, no pun intended.