Wednesday, October 22, 2008

Are You One of the Real Americans?

Are you a "real" American? That seems to be a question that is getting asked a lot in these last few days of the campaign. How would you answer that question? Would you look to the values that our country was founded on and see if they mirror your own? Let's just do that, shall we?

How about equal rights? That's about as American as it gets, right? Then why is it that the presidential nominee for the party that is trumpeting the loudest about the "real America" opposed a bill that would restore equal pay for legistlation for women?

Freedom of speech is pro-American, right? But is free speech still pro-American when you stand by and allow people at your rallies to scream "terrorist" and "kill him" in response to your opponent's name? Sarah Palin thinks so and apparently assumes that 37,051,483 black Americans think so too.

How about the freedom of religion? In this country we all believe that we have the right to worship the god of our choice, right? Not if you're John McCain. He thinks that Muslims are not fit to lead this country.

How about the right to make your own choices? Republicans in particular are VERY American in their stance that government should "get out of our way". Well, as long as those choices are not ones that John McCain disagrees with.

Does a real American talk about which towns the real America can be found in, or like Michele Bachmann question which members of Congress are truly pro-American? Or is this McCarthyism yet one more example of the Republican hypocrisy?

I for one am a getting really sick of being told that because I believe in equal rights for all Americans (even gays), that I don't support a war that never had any benefit for Americans, and that I think that "the health of the mother" is a really important factor in deciding whether a pregnancy should be terminated, that I am some how not pro-American. And what makes it even more annoying is to hear that against a background of people like Pat Buchanan and Rush Limbaugh spewing their racist sour grapes in the face of Colin Powell's endorsement of Barack Obama.

And in other news: Sarah Palin is going to vote Democratic and wants you to also! Thanks for the link Joanna!

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Anonymous said...

What can I say ? You're preaching to the converted. I did think Bill Maher's reference to Beavis and Butt-head was more that apt.