Wednesday, March 01, 2006

Nick Names

Is any one name enought for a pet or a child we love? To wit, my cat Kasey. Simple enough name, right? But when she's lounging in front of the window in her sunny spot, the name Kasey is not sufficient. Instead, she is transformed into The Divine Miss K. When she has overeaten (a frequent occurrence), she is Miss Fatty Pants. When she has exhasperated me she is Kasey Bell (what is it about middle names?). Names evolve. From Kasey, came Quesa, which begat Quesaquin, which begat Quesaquinny, which begat Fwaysafwinny and Fwinfwin. Does anyone one else succumb to this insanity? I did the same with my kids; especially when they were little. As babies, their given names were, well, too adult. As a small baby, Weston, with his big toothless grin became Gums, then Gumball, then Gumballino (you know, the Italian form of Gumball). Garrett, inexplicably, is called.... no, it's just too silly. His friends might read this. Even Bo, the much-maligned wannabe JRT, has nick names. Soon after we got him, Bo was quickly lengthened to Bodee, which Garrett then changed to Bodwee (pronouced like bu-DWEE (so CUTE)). From that evolved, Shmudwee, Shmudders, and Shmudwud. But isn't it true that when your pissed at them, they are just plain, Bo. As in, goddamnitboyoupieceofshit!!!

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Yilnpons said...

Here's one that I predict we will take to our graves: milnpons. To give the guessing public, who really has no chance, a little bit more to work with, this nickname could be rewritten, MiLnPOnS. Another hint: the name of this comment's author is not a typo. Extra credit will be given to anyone explaining the origin of the 'n's (and there are a few people who could actually do that). Of all the nicknames we've used for each other, none is more endearing than milnpons.