Wednesday, March 01, 2006

In the face of brilliance.....

OK, so I've been reading all of the other brilliant blogs out there like finslippy and GoFugYourself and I keep thinking, maybe I can do this too. So this is my first attempt at being humorous, thought-provoking, heart rending (should that be hyphenated?), etc. Of course the very fact that I am trying to do so is a little like watching yourself on video. Suddenly you become hideous to yourself as a byproduct of your own self conciousness.

Short introduction to me:
Name: Robin
Place of Residence: Silicon Valley (according to my husband, this should not be pronouced like silicone (as in fake breasts))
Husband: Steve - software engineer. Married since April 24, 1994 (send gifts!!)
Children: Two. Both boys. Weston (10) and Garrett (6)
Pets: Dog (Bo), Cat (Kasey), Hamster (Furry), and 9 fish (no names)
Job: Wildlife Biologist/Ecologist
Loves: Reading, Cooking, Karate (Green Belt in Kung Fu (it's the one before brown)), and apparently, Parentheses
Favorite Place to Travel: Kauai

So as I write, I am sharing the computer room with my two sons. Each has their own computer (What? This is the Silicon Valley). They are playing free games on the web. This is what I hear as I vainly attempt wit and humor.

Weston: Archer. (singing) Dana, na, na, na, na, naa. Elf. Dana, na, na, na. Man on horseback. Da na na na na na. na.

Garrett: (somewhat tunelessly) Dana na na na

Weston: Priest. Boooooo

Garrett: Boooo

Weston: Gandalf. (Extactically)YEAHHHHHH!! Woo Hoo!

Garrett: YEAAHH.

Weston: Warrior. Booooooo.

Garrett: You stink man!!

Weston: You look like a bear.

Garrett: You look like a freakin' idiot!!

What does this all mean? I know not. Something to do with a video game they are both playing. I assure you however, this does not increase my HQ (humor quotient) in any way.

Garrett: You smell like pooh!! Boooo!

OK. Enough stream of conciousness to fill up my first post. I promise, they'll get better as I go along. Next time I'll have something tangible, something meaningful, humorous, and thought provoking to write about. Meanwhile.... You stink man!!


The Panda-Marksman said...

Having just finished Lynne Truss's excellent book, Eats, Shoots & Leaves, I can tell you that, although she doesn't offer a definitive word on your hyphenation query, logic would tend to indicate that the answer is "yes". Thought is to heart, in this case, as provoking is to rending. Your writing did provoke thoughts, but it hasn't yet rended my heart.

Pedro said...

Ain't it great how a cult icon like Napolean Dynamite can get a six year old kid to more or less swear ("freakin' idiot" is, after all, a rather thinly veiled slight of a much more nefarious nature) and have parents smiling about it? Don't forget: vote for me.