Wednesday, March 08, 2006


Image courtesy of Flickr

Did you know that there is now a bra specifically designed to counteract the bounce you subject your boobs to (according to cup size) while exercizing? It's called the Shock Absorber, and I challenge you not to become at least momentarily mesmerized by the pendulous bouncing nude demo. Take a peek at the Bounce-ometer. Be forwarned however, selecting the FF-G cup-size is not for beginners. I particularly enjoy how the accompanying music sounds like it could also provide the sound track for a porno movie. Bow-chicka-bow-wow!


Creative Marketer said...

And how would you know what a porno soundtrack sounds like? Wait, don't answer that.

The most realistic bounce-o-meter simulation seems to be a pair of DD's under medium activity. Bow-chicka-bow-wow, indeed! (Putting on business hat) Hmmmm, I wonder if there are other applications where this advertising technique could be used...?

Anonymous said...

My only question from watching the bounce-o-meter is: What woman would exercise without a bra, as in the nude bounce-o-meter shows? Just watching that hurt my chest! I know, I know - it's meant for comparision, and quite educational to boot. Now where can a gal find these super-duper bras?

Insanity Central said...

I see a practicle application for the jock strap. Let's see, we have the 2 inch nubbin-sized weiner. And for our activity level we'll choose something low-impact like say kayaking. Or at the opposite end of the spectrum, we could choose the Long Dong Silver size, doing... say... the high jump!! You could have a Membo-MeterTM that would allow you to measure the stress as you do the activity. Yeah, that's the ticket. Unsupported excercize may cause permanent strectching of a man's member!!! Or, maybe that's not the best marketing ploy.

memberiffic said...

Your Membo-Meter sounds like any of a large number of spam messages I receive on a regular basis. I wonder if that's what they're hocking.

Oh, and jumping jacks would be higher stress level than high jumping. Yow!

Insanity Central said...

Depends on how many times you practice the high jump.