Friday, July 04, 2008


Previous posts not withstanding, I am a huge fan of Lance Armstrong, so I was delighted and very proud of Steve when he decided that this year he would participate in the LIVESTRONG Challenge. With the help of friends and family, Steve has raised $3,395 so far and has put in 394.5 miles (not that he's keeping records, of course) on his bike in training.

Last night after dinner, Steve and I were talking about where we could see him off for his ride so we could be there to cheer him on. Then he mentioned that there was also a 5K run/walk in downtown San Jose that is also part of the LIVESTRONG Challenge. Sounded intriguing to me, so now Garrett, Weston, and I have all registered to participate in the run/walk, effectively raising another $150 to fight cancer. I am dedicating my run/walk (probably more walk than run) to my grandmother Virginia Dawson, to died much too early from pancreatic cancer. If you decide that you would like to sponsor my run/walk, you can access my personal page here.

Edited to add: I should also note that my own too-close-for-comfort brush with cancer also motivated me to take up this cause. You can read about that here and here and here. You just never know how close to home this bastard of a disease will strike. We all like to think of cancer as a disease that doesn't happen to us or our immediate family members. To think this way is a perfectly healthy and acceptable coping mechanism. I can tell you though, that when that mechanism gets taken away, it sucks. Really. Really. Sucks. Stay healthy all!


Joanna said...

What an awesome family you guys are! I just made a donation. Have fun at the walk!

Insanity Central said...

Thanks Joanna!