Tuesday, July 01, 2008

Glory Hole-aluja!

I very recently came across the slang term glory hole on Twitter, and of course had to satisfy my curiosity by looking it up on Urban Dictionary. Imagine my amusement when, having been invited to go house boating for a weekend with a friend at Lake New Melones, we drove by the following sign on our way there:
I believe this must be where Senator Larry Craig vacations. I picture long lines of furtive looking men, waiting to get into the next of row upon row of bathrooms. Nearby there was the Glory Hole Shopping Center which featured Glory Hole Sports. Residents of this area must do a lot of eye-rolling each time some wag thinks he is the first individual, hip enough to make all of those great glory hole puns. New Melones being in the heart of gold country, I think it is safe to assume this area is named after a mining term, but still, the puns are difficult not to make.

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Victoria said...

Ohhh, that is too good...I think my ex-husband vacations there as well.