Saturday, July 26, 2008


Garrett rattled off a couple of funnies when we were in San Diego:

Steve, after concluding one of many very long chats with my dad, went to check up on the boys to find them playing their Gameboys back in the bedroom. He proceeded to take them to task, saying "You two are back here being unsociable playing video games, Mom is being unsociable reading....." To which Garrett replied, "Yeah, and you are being unsociable talking with Grandpa!"

My dad took some video of Garrett playing piano and Weston playing guitar. Both boys did a very nice job, and the grandparents were suitably impressed. Later, my dad was in his office, editing the footage of Garrett playing piano, and Garrett and Weston were in the next room, again playing their Gameboys. Garrett, hearing the piano music on the computer snickered to Weston, "Whoever is playing the piano, really sucks!"

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