Wednesday, July 09, 2008

Skip to the Pooh My Darling

Since summer began we have instituted a program wherein the boys have to earn time on the computer by engaging in several hours of more productive time such as arts and crafts, music practice, reading, and outside time. They've been pretty good about keeping up with it, seemingly highly motivated by the opportunity to play hour after hour of Guild Wars.

The boys just got out of the new pool and then fulfilled a bit more of their outside time by taking the pooches for a walk. This resulted in a bit of an altercation because Garrett would not pick up a "nasty green pooh" delivered by Master Luke, on the excuse that he had no pooh bag (which was in his pocket). The rule is that you pick up the pooh of whichever dog is on the end of your leash. He insisted on taking Luke this time, so it was his to gather. I sent both boys back out to retrieve the turds, and apparently Weston laughed at Garrett's repeated attempts to collect the poorly constituted excrement and abandoned him part way through the process. Garrett returned in a rather ill humor, but my sympathetic attendance to his recounting of the whole affair along with a piano practice seems to have soothed him. He is currently plunking away at the piano and occasionally congratulating himself on a job well done.


Steve said...

Amusing post, but I object to one thing: "Pooh" (with an 'h') is the name of my favorite animal character of all time. "Poo" (without an 'h') is what animals excrete. My lifelong attachment to, and identification with, this cuddly li'l bear implores me to speak up on his behalf. How can you not adore a creature that uses phrases like "rumbly in my tumbly" and sings songs like:

I go up, down, touch the ground
It puts me in the mood.
I go up, down, touch the ground
I'm in the mood for food.

Pooh rocks!

Insanity Central said...

OK. Shit, then. I'll just refer to it as shit from now on! There goes my G rating though.

Steve said...
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Steve said...

1337 speak: 5h!t