Wednesday, June 04, 2008

Word Lust

I love words, and not just a little bit. I love words so much, I have entire books devoted to the subject of words. No, in fact they aren't dictionaries smart one! Here are a few of my favorites:

Unctuous - it tastes gooey and delicious in your mouth when you say it.
Twee - just say it.
Pedantic - it means showy and overblown, but says "erudite".
Nefarious - this always makes me think of Feathers McGraw from The Wrong Trowsers.
Prurient - sounds so seedy.
and finally
Smarmy - (see unctuous).

What are some of your favorites?

1 comment:

jester said...

Ergo - when used properly it can only improve your sentences.
Albeit - not the easiest to squeeze into a sentence but packs a punch.
Aether, aegis or daemon - because the ae ligature is so cool!
Finagle - very versatile.
Skosh - goes well with smattering.
Jester - it just says, "Fun!".
Wraith - because I'm a Lord of the Rings/Dungeons and Dragons nut.
Slainte - because I'm also a wannabe Scot!