Monday, June 23, 2008

The Lost Smartypants Weekend

This was a lost weekend. Thursday afternoon my good friend Joanna (hi Joanna!) loaned me a copy of The World According to Mimi Smartypants. Consequently, I lay around all weekend, nose pressed into a book, occasionally breaking out into snorts of hysterical laugher, rather than doing the host of Things That Needed Doing around the house. Yes, I got a huge pile of laundry done, and completed the weeks grocery shopping, but the ginormous pile of stuffed animals on Garrett's bed that desperately needed culling still remains, and every horizontal surface in the house is still littered with papers and books. The only other thing that got done was Steve and I looking as scooters in response to the skyrocketing price of gas. Oh and a lot of beer was consumed. Yes people, stand back an bask in the shared glory of my warm sense of accomplishment.


Joanna said...

Hi Robin! I am so glad to be mentioned in your blog - I feel almost famous now.

Insanity Central said...

Oh yes! Fame AND fortune is to be had here at I For One... Step right this way!

Steve said...

Fame? Can I get me some of that?