Sunday, June 22, 2008

He May Be Loud, But He Tells The Truth

You know that guy that yells really loud on TV about OxiClean? Garrett and I have been poking fun at him for a couple of months now. Every time one of those ads comes when Garrett is watching cartoons, I yell from the kitchen, "WHAT'S THAT HE'S SAYING? IT SOUNDS VERY INTERESTING, BUT I CAN'T QUITE MAKE IT OUT!" To which Garrett replies in an even louder voice, "MOM, HE SAYS YOU SHOULD USE OXICLEAN!!!" And so it goes.

All very humorous until Garrett put a ballpoint pen in the pocket of his brand new Abercrombie shorts (which, by the way, I did not purchase). An entire load of his clothes and mine came out smeared with blue ink. Most of it I could have shrugged off, but the thought of those ruined Abercrombie shorts just stuck in my craw, so I decided to give that yelling man's product a try. After two different applications of a scoop of OxiClean with really hot water, and soaking for about 12 hours, there was actually no trace of the ink. I soaked a few more things from the load in a more dilute solution and for a shorter time, and the results were a little less impressive. The stuff that I soaked also came out feeling a little rough, so I imagine repeated treatments would cause your clothes to wear out more quickly. It's still a better alternative than never wearing an expensive item of clothing again. That's my product plug for the day!

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