Tuesday, June 24, 2008

The Post In Which My Carpets are Saved by Doggy Intelligence

As Bo's owner, we greedily await any signs of intelligence and or compliance in our pup. Please understand, we love our Bo, but erudition cannot be counted among his many virtues. Today he showed a brief, and very much appreciated glimmer of intelligence. Earlier today, I took a quick break from work to let the dogs out for a pee, and then a bit later another to let them back in. Both dogs are usually very anxious to get back in, and typically alert me of their readiness by hurling themselves repeatedly against the sliding glass door. This time, Luke bounded in but Bo hesitated, standing with what could only be described as a hang dog expression on his shaggy mug. As I stood looking at him, trying to decide what the matter might be, he began hacking as though trying to pass a small bird lodged in his upper respiratory passages, then turned and bounded out onto the lawn to deposit the contents of his stomach extravagantly onto the grass. Having mopped many a puddle of dog yarp from the floor of my house, I cannot tell you how much I appreciate this display of intelligence and forethought. Today, Bo is the Good Dog. Luke (the smart one) is meanwhile lying on his back, gently snoring, genitalia generously on display, with his short legs atwitch in interpretation of some doggy dream.

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