Wednesday, August 20, 2008

Dog Envy No More

One of my earliest posts to this blog was about dog envy. Now I can imagine this being a bit of a controversial statement, particularly among dog owners, but how my dog looks, matters. In my earlier post I bemoaned the fact that Bo, instead of looking like this, (which is a photo of the Jack Russell terriers the breeding was hawking):

looks like this:

Which, while adorable in its own right, is very reminiscent of this:
I love Bo. I really do. I love him like a dog. Luke, I love so much I have to restrain the urge to maul him with kisses and eat his big ears with chocolate sauce.

Now I think I know why. Last night just before I was going to bed, Luke flopped down on a small red pillow that one of the boys had left on the floor. I immediately ran to get my iPhone so I could snap a picture of him. Then I sent it to all of my relatives. Then I set it as my iPhone wallpaper. Then I showed it to Steve. Then to both of the kids. Does this:remind you a little of one "Elvis", pictured above? Note that the picture of Bo above was taken moments afterward, with the same small red pillow in the background. His refusal to look fierce, as Luke did, are going to cause him to be voted off this cycle of America's Next Top Dogel.

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Steve said...

To paw-a-phrase a well known saying: Cuteness is only fur deep. FloBo has the heart of an angel.