Saturday, August 23, 2008

The Meredith Post

This post is about Meredith, who says she'd be more likely to stop by a read if her name was casually mentioned every now and again. Meredith, this is for you:

I've known Meredith for less time than her dog, Tigger. When Weston was in 5th grade, I was taking him home from school, and we saw two kids walking a strange dog, with a pronounced under bite and tabby markings. "There's Tigger, Mom!" I asked who Tigger was. "Joey and Marissa's dog!" I asked who Joey and Marissa were. They are Meredith's older twins. She has given birth to twins twice. Later I heard about another member of her family. Kaylie. Kaylie, Kaylie, Kaylie, Kaylie. She was all Garrett talked about in kindergarten, and she HAD to be at his birthday party. Or he would die. Since then Garrett and Kaylie have been pretty much joined at the hip. Unless they are fighting, which is pretty much always. Even then they just stick together to spite one another.

I think it was towards the end of Weston's 5th grade year that Meredith and I finally became acquainted. Marissa was in Weston's class and she and Joey and Weston were all headed to the same middle school. Then came the Mom's Night Outs when Meredith, Amy, Lori, Susan (Susan was definitely there and shaking her booty) and I got smashed and sang karaoke, or got smashed and bowled (and danced a little, and bowled TWO balls down the lane at one time), and just plain old got smashed too soon before we had to run the Muddy Buddy. There was a drink that came my way that night that contained a suspiciously LARGE amount of alcohol..... Meredith!

I'm sure Meredith can't forget the time she called me nearly speechless (Meredith is never completely speechless) because Weston, having been looking for a date to his first middle school dance, asked Marissa to go with him. "Next time give me warning!", she begged, having cracked up when Marissa told her! She is never one to mince words or beat around the bush, so my kids like Meredith, but have a deep-seated terror of her as well. This is good.

In short, Meredith is one of my BFFs! She is a total bad ass ice hockey player, has five kids, has red hair that is the envy of all her friends, and a sarcastic sense of humor that could cut glass. Also she has a great ass, always wins at canasta, and cooks up a mean pot roast. How's that, Mer?


Meredith said...

Is this to make up for Garrett writing a story about Kaylie being the evil girl who brainwashes him and takes over the world???

PS I love you too~

I For One..... said...

He didn't come right out and name Kaylie as the evil girl. His composing the tale was just coincident with a moment of extreme pissyness in an otherwise lovely day of interactions between them. I hasten to add that said pissy attitude was all on Garrett's part. Your daughter was charming the entire time she was at my house..... Even when she and Bo were making out. Girl loves her a dog!!!

Meredith said...

what's canasta?

I For One..... said...