Thursday, August 07, 2008

Of Fluffy Bunnies and Disproportionate Penguins

I have no interest in making this blog about any sort of craft or hobby, but I figured since my newest hobby is in its infancy, I would interject a post every now and then that would document my burgeoning skill (in case it actually does burgeon, that is). Not long ago I taught myself to knit and really enjoyed doing it, but ever since I took a hard spill playing ice hockey and dislocated my shoulder, extended periods of knitting result in my waking the next day unable to turn my head to the left. Trawling around for something to fill the creative void, I stumbled on this book:

Follow the link if you dare, and I defy you to resist these adorable creations.

I discovered Little Felted Animals back in March, but wasn't released until July, so was forced to wait for a while to try it out. In the meantime, Steve got me this little kit, which is available (among other cute patterns) through an Etsy shop:

My first attempt came out looking a little squashed and google-eyed, but cute.

Inspired, I purchase a little kit from Ebay with a pattern to make a yorkie dog. Instead of making the yorkie, I decided I would try and felt a corgi. This was the result:

Impressive, no? Instead of resembling a corgi, it looks more like a road-killed, quadruple amputee, black lab. Thankfully, I got Little Felted Animals in the mail a couple of weeks ago and found that it actually has a corgi pattern in it. Rather than launch straight into the corgi, I thought I'd warm up on a simple but cute bunny. As I am wont to do, I took a few liberties with the pattern, mostly because I didn't have the little beads necessary for the eyes or pink roving for the inside of the ears. The result? Not bad, I think:

What say you? Should I hang up my felting needles, or do I show some promise?

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Joanna said...

OMG - that bunny is so cute! You have talents beyond compare. I can't wait to pick one out and get my own cute little fuzzy critter :)