Thursday, September 25, 2008

Where's Moose Killer?

I'm going to beat a dead horse here and talk a little bit more about the presidential race. Why, if we're in the middle of a great economic upheaval, does John McCain have to suspend his campaign? What good does running back to Washington do? How is John McCain going to save us all? And in the unlikely event that he can save us all, what is Moose Killer doing right now? Where has she vanished to, and shouldn't she as his running mate still be on the campaign trail? Isn't this her big opportunity to show us all how she can handle herself in a crisis? What, doesn't McCain trust his own running mate to carry on with the show? My personal feeling is that the Republicans are running a campaign consisting entirely of PR, smoke and mirrors, and the fewer debates they have to participate in the better off they know they'll be. C'mon McCain, you're supposed to be a national hero. Come back out and play fair.

Addendum as of September 26th:

Oh, here she is (Katie Couric sounds like she is interviewing a terrified debutant here, not a candidate for VP of the most powerful nation in the world). And here. And oh, sorry, just had to throw this one in. Holy cow. Could we just keep the McCain campaign suspended for a while because if Obama doesn't get a boost in the polls after this interview, I have got some serious questions to ask about the collective intelligence of the American people.


Meredith said...

I think you drank the coolade....if you think that there is only one dirty party running this country, I am sad to say you might have fallen off your many cats do you have now?

I For One..... said...

One. Only one cat. I think, therefore I am. And while I'm at it, I support the party that does not have a VP candidate that makes we want to weep quietly into my hands.

Here is a really good article which summarizes my feelings about the Moose Killer who shall not be named.

Julia said...

Have you also not heard that it is her opinion that global warming is not caused by anything that man has done. And that the decline in polar bears is a natural occurrence, not related to the shrinking of the ice cap.

hdawson9 said...

The frightened debutant is a good one.Must remember that. I have to confess I've always doubted the collective intelligence of the American people. After all almost half of them voted for George Bush. Hey? I thought Meredith was your friend.

I For One..... said...

Of course Meredith is my friend. We agree to disagree on politics though. All opinions are welcome here, particularly those that are different from mine. I kind of like to hear from other other view point. If we as citizens can't "reach across the aisle" then we can't expect our politicians to either. That said, I can't wait to see Palin get crushed in Thursday's debate by Biden!!!