Sunday, January 11, 2009

Week One on the Job

So I survived my first week working full-time. By survived I mean I got to the job on time each day, didn't do anything to shame myself or appear ignorant, left on time to pick Garrett up before YMCA closing time almost every day, and managed to get a hot meal on the table at the end of it all. Looking back to Monday, it seems like three weeks ago rather than just one. I met so many new people, had to assimilate so much new information, and spent so many long hours commuting either in my car or on BART that one week worth of activities seem like much more. Here are some of the highlights and low points.

* Good - Finding that I really genuinely like all of the people I'll be on the job with over the next couple of years. At the moment I am the lone female in a group of about 15 people that are regularly on the job site. One big crusty Vietnam vet has taken me under his wing and assured me that he will "deal with" anyone who gives me any trouble. I believe him.

* Bad - Being told that they expect me to be on the job from 7 to 5. I think this detail will get resolved, but for the time being, with my commute I am gone for about 12 hours a day. My poor dogs miss me.

* Good - Sucessfully commuting to San Francisco and back on BART without any major SNAFUs. I have found that riding up the peninsula side of the BART line requires more driving, but makes for a less aromatic ride with fewer colorful characters and less traffic on the way home.

* Bad - Finding that getting into and out of San Francisco on BART takes a minimum of an hour and a half. I can't wait for BART to get extended to San Jose.

* Good - Getting back out into the fresh air and renewing my acquaintance with field biology.

* Bad - Having no office. I will spend the next three years working in a quadruple wide trailer, but those trailers are still being set up, which requires my supervision to avoid environmental impacts. Working in the cold weather for 9 to 10 hours with no place to sit gets COLD and tiring.

*Also good - Having a corner office with a WINDOW! Does a corner office count as a corner office if it's in a trailer?

Now it's off to squeeze as much productivity out of my weekend as possible.  The toilets will not scrub themselves and all of the dog fur on the carpet and poop on the lawn will not go away without my attention.  At least I'll never be bored.......


Anonymous said...

Beautiful !!

Meredith said...

I am so happy for you!