Tuesday, January 20, 2009

Striking a Balance

We just returned from a four-day weekend in San Diego. Prior to that, northern California had experienced an extended heat wave that drove afternoon temperatures into the upper 70s and low 80s. For a person who is newly employed at a job that keeps her out of doors for about 10 hours a day, the timing couldn't have been better. Week two on the job was great. I've established a pretty good rapport with most of the people who are regularly on site, familiarized myself with the project, and gotten a pretty good handle on how the next few months will go. Adding some spring-time weather to the mix, sans allergies was just the icing on the cake.

The only downside to last week, and I imagine this will continue to haunt the coming week(s), was the uncertainty about the hours I am to work. After putting in about four hours of overtime in throughout the course of the week, I was once again asked if I was available to work a weekend. I'm very gung-ho about the success of the project, facilitating the process for the people involved, and being part of the solution. With that said, I'm even more committed to being available to do my grocery shopping, take my dogs for toenail trims, and send my children to school on Monday with clean clothes. But these are chores and duties that I am responsible for. All that aside, I WANT to be home so I can spend a little quality time with my husband, help the kids with homework, and pass a leisurely hour reading a good book. I guess I forgot, over the course of the last five years, what a tough balancing act family and career can be. What's a girl to do?

And in other news (because there is no way to segue gracefully into this) DING DONG THE WITCH IS DEAD!!! George W. Bush has officially left office. I followed the proceedings on TV and on Twitter simultaneously and heard lots of talk of tears and goosebumps. For me however, the most sublime moment was when the new president and first lady escorted George and Laura Bush to their waiting helicopter. The strains of Na Na Hey Hey (Goodbye) by Banana Republic sung by the crowd as the presidential helicopter lifted off and circled the Washington Mall was my sublime moment. Couldn't have said it better myself.

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