Friday, December 05, 2008

The Sexiest Scent a Man Can Wear

I shall spin you another Tom story. For those of you who have not encountered Tom in this blog before, he is my formerly single friend, who once lived a life of the most shameless bachelorhood a man could hope to live. He lived in Palo Alto, not far from the Staford University campus where his roommate was a student. Via said roommate, Tom gained many an opportunity to work his charms on nubile young Stanford scholars.

Scene 1 (A fine Saturday morning): In a manner not typical of bachelors, Tom has just passed several hours cleaning his apartment. Once finished he relaxes, beer in hand, surveying his handiwork with a satisified smile. Soon his roommate strolls in, and after some boyish banter invites Tom like to join him at a party. Anxious to take his many talents and charms out for a spin, Tom immediately departs, neglecting to shower.

Scene 2 (The party) We pan in slowly on Tom chatting with an attractive young lady: She leans into him, drawing her breath deeply through her nose. Alarmed, Tom backs away, worried that neglecting his ablutions may have left him with an excessively manly odor. Once again she sniffs, and despite himself, Tom shoots her a quizzical glance. Seeing his confusion, she asks, "Is that Pinesol I smell? Because there's nothing that smells sexier on a man than Pinesol"


Anonymous said...

Now, I've met Tom and know how charming he can be but did that really happen or is it another version of the sexiest thing a man can do is wash the dishes ??
Loved the LRRH cartoon.

I For One..... said...

I believe this to be a true story, but in the grand tradition established by my grandmother, I embellished it with a detail or two. You know, just to improve the telling.

I had to take down the Little Red Ridinghoodwinked cartoon as it was breeding uncontrollably in my dashboard. This morning there were two of them. By week's end, who knows how many forgetful wolves would be lurking around. Here is a link if you feel the need to see it again.

Meredith said...

I'd rather have a man smell of Pinesol than some sort of fruity man perfume or cigarettes! Pinesol to an older or wiser woman is indeed sexy.

Anonymous said...

Fruity man perfume always reminds me of a certain middle easterner I'd just as soon forget.