Friday, May 26, 2006

Poor Duck!

On the way into the mall last night (to purchase more Legos (sigh)), Garrett spotted a pigeon hanging around near the mall entrance. Being a normal six year old, he roared and began chasing it so it would fly away in that satisfying, panicked pigeon sort of way. Instead, the bird ran a few steps, tried to flap one wing, and fell over. Garrett pulled up short, and clearly feeling badly for having harassed the hurt bird, said "Oh, sorry little ducky." Later, on they way out, (after Steve had explained that it was not actually a duck) Garrett said, "Wasn't that pigeon so poor?" Now if only we could get him to develop that much empathy for the cat and dog!

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doting dad said...

Garrett can be so adorable at times. His "duck" remark yesterday reminded me of the time he complimented mom's salmon by saying, "This is really good chicken." Yeah, orange chicken - mmmmm, mmmmm.