Monday, April 10, 2006

I Exercize to Stay Fit , I mean, Fat

So we exercise to stay fit, right? Well apparently, our best intentions can backfire on us. Back in December I started training really hard in preparation for my test for my green belt in kung fu. By the time I tested in February I was in good shape. I didn't really feel like I had lost a whole lot of weight or anything, but I could tell that I was stronger, and that my cardiovascular conditioning was better. Being human and all, once I had earned my new belt, I let up on the accelerator, and quit training so hard. I still try to work out for an hour four times a week, so it’s not as though I’m sitting around on my fat lazy can, stuffing down bon bons or anything. Now it seems, I have put on a few pounds as a reward for my hard work. Weight, which I might add, I never lost whilst training! Damn it!!

After whining talking about this (as I am wont to do) to my friend Lori, who tested for her belt at the same time I did, and my sister, who trains in frantic bursts for triathlons, apparently this weight gain thing is not abnormal. Apparently Lori has put on weight as well, and my sister’s friend who does marathons, actually quit running said marathons because she put on so much dang weight. Obviously, the take-home message here is: keep your training at a consistent level. I'm hoping that my body, realizing that I am going to be much lazier for the time being, will decide to cooperate and give up some of those extra inches around my belt line!

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