Wednesday, July 12, 2006

Skate Camp

This week Weston and Garrett are at skateboarding camp at the Campbell Community Center. They have taken a six week skating class there before and had an absolute blast, but three intensive hours for five straight days sounded like a great idea. When they only went once a week they didn't get enough of a chance to get really comfortable with whatever trick they were working on before it was time to leave. Garrett could almost drop in on the elbow with lots and lots of help, but once class was over and his favorite instructor was not able to work with him, he wouldn't even try it.

The first two days of camp they both pretty much stayed in their comfort zone, practicing tricks that they already knew how to do. Yesterday however, I went to one of the instructors and told him that Garrett is capable of much more than he lets on and that without a little pushing he would spend the entire week rolling down one little ramp and practicing ollies. I felt like one of those pushy show biz or athete moms thats constantly pushing their kids into more spectacular feats of daring, but darnit, they need a little nudge every now and then!

Well, the pushiness paid off! When I picked them up today Weston came tearing up to the fence of the park with this ear-to-ear grin as I got out of my car. "Watch this, mom!" Up he went to the top of the start ramp, where he proceeded to drop in on the second-hardest ramp. Prior to starting the camp his response to that ramp was "maybe later". Then Garrett hopped up onto the elbow and dropped in all by himself!!! Woooo hoooo! I'll be rich rich rich when they go pro!!! Oh! Did I just say that?

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